Agile Task Planner (ATP)

The Agile Task Planner is a flexible project, task and team management based on the software Lean4Team. The way it works is digital, agile, graphic, transparent, collaborative and cooperative. The methodological base are Kanban, Lean Construction and Last Planner®. In addition, there is the possibility of integrating quality management, deficiency management and issue management.


BIM Planner System (BPS)

The BIM Planner System (BPS) is a mix of methodology, strategy and software. The development took almost two years.


Lean4Team for Lean Manufacturing

In a Kanban modeled user interface, the processes of a project are mapped. The surface can be operated with a mouse or by touch.


Lean4Team for General Methodologies

With Lean4Team you can organize all types of projects flexibly, transparently and cooperatively. Increase your productivity!


Lean4Team and the fourth view

Lean4Team has four graphical user interfaces. All graphical user interfaces show the tasks from a different view. With the three user interfaces we form the Kanban, Lean Construction and the Last Planner© methods completely. Actually, nothing is missing. But somehow every project leader has the feeling that the team might have forgotten tasks. We create security with the new WBS-View.


Lean4Team and Autodesk BIM 360: Two Products -Two Manufacturers – One Solution!

Lean4Team is a unique graphical and flexible project management software based on the agile methods Kanban, Lean Construction and Last Planner®.
Autodesk BIM 360 is a well-known cloud project platform for BIM models and project-related files.
With the online integration of the Lean4Team Server into Autodesk BIM 360, users now have a complete solution for organizing the teams and BIM models in all BIM phases. The CAD Planer/Designer uses Revit, BIM coordinator Navisworks and BIM Manager Lean4Team.
Our short video shows you how easy to use the integrated solution:


Lean4Team and more

Content — New: Version Lean4Team — Info for our customers — New: Lean4Team Partner — Lean4Team Tip — Lean4Team We have made the new free updates available on our website. With the Lean4Team version and the Lean4Team Smart 1.8 version, we have added or extended the following features: In addition to English, […]

Lean4Team und mehr

Inhalt — Neu: Version Lean4Team — Info für unsere Kunden — Neu: Lean4Team Partner — Lean4Team Tipp — Lean4Team Wir haben die neuen kostenlosen Updates auf unserer Webseite zur Verfügung gestellt. Mit der Version Lean4Team und der Version Lean4Team Smart 1.8 haben wir folgende Funktionen ergänzt oder erweitert: Neben Englisch, Deutsch, Russisch […]

Hablamos español!

Estimados Señores y Señoras: A partir de ahora podemos ofrecerle una versión de Lean4Team también en español. Todas las entregas de “Lean4Team Client” se harán automáticamente con la versión en español incluida. La traducción fue realizada por nuestro Socio en español, el Ingeniero Civil Agustín Uliarte. De esta manera, nos gustaría agradecer oficialmente a Agustín. […]

We speak Spanish!

Ladies and gentlemen, We can now offer you Lean4Team with a language version in Spanish. Each Lean4Team client will be delivered automatically with the Spanish version in the future. Our Spanish partner, Civil Engineer Agustín Uliarte, made the translation. In this way, we would like to express our official thanks to Agustín. Agustín Uliarte is […]

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