Advanced: Digital Multiprojects and Multimilestones

I am repeatedly contacted by customers and interested parties on whether and how digital multiprojects and digital multimilestones can be realized in a software with a Kanban or lean construction background and how, despite the then rising complexity can still be worked lean and agile. Please do not expect any software from the market segment to pass this challenge. Seen in this way, many of my readers will come to the quick verdict that it cannot work. Currently, unfortunately, there is only one software that is able to survive this challenge.

You are a project manager or BIM Manager. You should consider the following things:
• You want to manage the project, but not take over the organizational tasks of the team members.
• You need to motivate everyone else to actively work on their tasks.
• Despite being “multi”, you must ensure that it remains lean.
• You can only use “multi” if everyone understands the approach.
If you follow these rules, you can create a board as a multiproject and work with multimilestones.

Digital Multiproject

A small example: you have a big project and are accustomed to divide it into divisions, in this example it is 5. You work together with the same construction companies in all sections of the project. If each division is occupied by other construction companies and craftsmen, you should consider whether it makes sense to set up only one board. Always think of the rules I have set up.
In the first step, you set up your own work breakdown structure for each of the 5 divisions. In addition, you assign a color for the cards to each company involved. It is also useful that you provide a card template for each team.
Tip: You have already done a lot of this before in a board. You can choose a suitable board from your stock and save this board as a template. This facilitates your preparation for our example.
In the second step, you will make collaborative planning for the first phase of the building with the team, and create various milestones, including the associated task sequences, during the meeting. All you need to do now is ensure that the milestones and tasks are assigned to the correct division. Then the team can start.
The entire team now has a clear overview of the tasks in the Kanban board. Each section has its own clearly arranged work breakdown structure plan calendar view. In addition, there is also the default work breakdown structure project plan calendar view with the color sorting. There you can see immediately if there could be staff shortages at certain times.
Tip: It goes a little more complex. There are also individual tasks or milestones with task sequences that take place across divisions. To have a better overview of these tasks, you can create a cross-project structure plan. You must also add the work breakdown structure to the corresponding milestones and tasks. Milestones and tasks can be added to any number of work breakdown structure project plans. But always consider the above rules.


Here, too, the rules apply from above. But the multimilestones are more intended for project managers and BIM managers. A milestone not only describes the completion date but is also responsible for the task sequence or tasks it contains. If you can now in a parent milestone, these periods represent tasks. If there are now shifts in a task sequence, then you know how this could affect subsequent milestones. You can then react accordingly. For the higher-level milestones, you simply set up your own project Structure plan. But again, the above rules apply. If you need to think about how you combined the milestones and how the sequences are composed, then you should reconsider your strategy for the multimilestones.

If you also want to work lean and agile with multiprojects and multimilestones, then you should contact us.

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