Are you still chatting to WhatsApp about your sensitive project details?

Many projects still use programs such as WhatsApp to quickly communicate project with team members. Many hide the fact that the information is about a cloud server that is not necessarily known for the fact that the information there is safely stored. If it is still sensitive data, I honestly have no sympathy for it any more.

With the new Lean4Team version and the new Lean4Team Smart Version 1.6 you have your own individually configurable project chat at your disposal. Each company can build its own Lean4Team server. Lean4Team offers you a freely configurable project environment based on Kanban’s methods. Lean Construction and Last Planner©. The complete project including the necessary documentation and communication. You can completely refrain from using other external programs, such as sending emails. This means that you have all the data and information under your own control!

Use example of the active use of the Lean4Team chat: In the joint detailed discussion of the next upcoming production week, you submitted a commitment for 3 days to complete your task. After the first day you notice that the 3 days will turn into 4 days. Share your assessment with all team members via the project chat. Then all subsequent trades can adjust to this and the project manager can consider whether and with which team members a spontaneous collaborative meeting is necessary.

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