Lean Design Advanced

With BIM, new possibilities of communication and data stringency are given in the planning process. But only a few planning teams can use these possibilities. Contracts, the nature of the project organization and the planning processes are not aligned to collaboration by means of BIM.

Since 1990, Lean Management in Construction has been developing new effective methods such as Target Value Design. New types of project organization in integrated teams and relational contracts were added. Today, the introduction of Lean and BIM in tandem can raise your planning to a new level.

Does Lean work without BIM and BIM without Lean? Sure, but together, both of them fertilize and form an even stronger team. Focus on one without the other, many opportunities for optimization remain unused.

The two webinars are modular and lead you to Lean in the planning phase (Lean Design). If you have previous knowledge about the Last Planner system, you could skip the basic webinar. You will learn how Lean Management in the construction industry optimizes the planning and construction processes and how the introduction of BIM benefits from this.

General Information:

–  Duration: 1,5 hours
–  Requirements: Microsoft Skype for Business Web App
–  Days: On Monday and Tuesday or on Thursday and Friday
–  Online-Seminar in English or in German

Change the planning processes, project organization and contracts with Lean Design
–  Comparison of the actual and target state of the system of value added in construction
–  Change of the planning processes by Lean methods
–  Change of project organization through integrated planning
–  Collaboration support through new contracts
–  First steps on the way to application

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