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  • We have made the new free updates available on our website. With the Lean4Team version and the Lean4Team Smart 1.8 version, we have added or extended the following features:
  • In addition to English, German, Russian and Czech, Spanish is now available for all users. If you need another language, please contact us.
  • The smartphone and tablet app are also available in Spanish.
  • The conversion of the dark green-blue design to a bright design is complete. The 64 colors of the cards (tasks) become even more eye-catching and the overall picture clearer.
  • Extension of the Card Milestone attribute: Adding cards (tasks) with commitments has been extended.

Info for our customers

  • We have not changed the password for the download page.
  • According to our customers, the functionality of Lean4Team is very comprehensive and all projects and processes can be mapped based on Kanban, Lean Construction and Last Planner. But improving is always possible. Let us know your wishes.

Lean4Team Partner

  • In the last few weeks we have been able to win some partners. On our website you can see our current list. Our partners will be happy to advise, train and support you. We are still taking over second- and third-level support. We work together transparently and cooperatively in the spirit of Lean4Team.
  • You are welcome to apply to us as a Lean4Team Partner. There is a form for this on our website.

Lean4Team Tips

  • If you want to use your Lean4Team database in multiple languages, you should set up the basic setup on the Lean4Team server in English. Then create your boards (projects) with the client in the respective language. Then you provide the boards (projects) as templates for all.

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