Lean4Team 10

Lean4Team has been given a new User Interface. The blue-green of the first few years is now a thing of the past.

Why Version 10? -You will receive all updates free of charge as part of your rental agreement. That was the case and it will continue to be so. There have been over 50 updates since 2015. There are continuous innovations. We always had to think about when we want to change the number of versions at the forefront. Some software manufacturers have moved to add a year to the versions. Others have decided to leave it at a version number in the future. We chose this variant.

How do I get the new Version? -Please download the Lean4Team Server Update from the download area. Once installed, each client will receive the update directly from the Lean4Team Server. It doesn’t get any quicker and more elegant. We also updated our Trial Servers.

Can I use the new Version? -You will quickly find your way around the new user interface. With our next newsletter, we invite you to a free Webinar. The themes are:

“Fast entry into the digital Last Planner. (We start with a completely empty Board with one Lane and no Cards.)”

“Company open training for our BIM Planner System (BPS).”

We offer our webinars in English and German. The English webinars take place at different times for our customers from Asia and America.

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