Lean4Team is an intelligent client-server solution. At the request of our customers, we have integrated touch functionalities in just three weeks. Without a coherent basic strategy of the software this would not have been possible.

Which hardware do you need? Which operating system do you need?

Our first goal was to diversify the number of possible products as widely as possible and still offer only one Lean4Team Client.

Lean4Team has a graphical user interface. You want to have the greatest possible graphical overview of your project. For a meaningful presentation, the screen size should not be below 15.6 “. Smaller screens can also be used, but the smaller the area, the more difficult it becomes with the overview. Smartphones are not suitable at all.

Because the majority of vendors currently have Windows compatible hardware products, the Lean4Team Client is currently running under Windows.

For example, if you use the Last Planner system, then all the companies participating in the project meet at the beginning of the project to discuss the master plan. During the discussion many details have to be discussed. As a result, smaller groups of people spontaneously gather to discuss contentious issues. Such a big round takes place only at the beginning of a project.

Every large touchscreen has its own Lean4Team client. You can discuss it on a project board with several large touch screens at the same time. Each group can work on a different part. The Lean4Team Server continuously updates the clients. Other people can also discuss with a laptop. These changes are also included online.

At the end of the meeting, everyone has the latest result immediately available on his own workstation. No photos or logs need to be made and distributed per Email. That’s digitalization!

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