Lean4Team Touch

The focus of the newly released update is the consistent implementation of the touch functions. You can now attach your “sticky notes” digitally to your “whiteboard”. The powerful client-server structure immediately saves your actions to the database. Discuss, touch, move, … done! You don’t have to do any organizational rework: No photos, no notes, no logs, no lists, no emails, no outlook appointments, etc. All team members (internal or external) immediately have everything available at their own workplace after the meeting. All you must do is complete the tasks.

You “stick” your “sticky Notes” not just to a board. Each card or task passes through the individual process steps (Lean Construction, Kanban, …). If you want it in addition, then Lean4Team Incorruptible observes whether you respect your personal promises to the team (Last Planner System®, BIM Planner System (BPS), …). The automatic online charts help to increase the productivity of your team.

In the download area, the new versions of the Lean4Team Client, the Lean4Team Server and a Lean4Team Server Update are available for our customers. In addition, there is a bonus for the board templates for the BIM Planner System (BPS) with a quick start guide. You will receive the passwords in a separate email.

Beginners can install the new version of Lean4Team from the Microsoft Store or request it directly from us. Or ask your lean construction trainer, your BIM consultant or your IT partner for Lean4Team.

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