Lean4Team Version 5

The Lean4Team version 5 is released. The following new features are available:

1. Technical equipment
– Windows 7 is no longer supported by the Lean4Team client and the Lean4Team server. We decided to make the switch now. Our current customers accept the switch.
– The Lean4Team server requires x64 architecture. Together with port 8080, the new port 60553 should be opened on the server. If you have any questions, please contact us.

2. Content
– Real-time: The boards are now updated in real time. A new algorithm makes it possible. Customers had repeatedly mentioned to us that in the meetings the time delays were annoying. The new algorithm does not run on Windows 7.
– 64 colors: On customer request, we have completely changed the color palette and not only expanded from 32 to 64. This makes it even easier to switch from paper to digital.

3. Online User´s Guide
– With the release of version 5, a new manual has now been published as well. Customers and trial customers will receive a password from us on request. Lean4Team is updated regularly. We have now developed a manual that we can update as quickly as the software itself.

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