My Card, your Card, …

It’s my cards, my tasks, or my promises I give to a team in a project. Methodologically, in Kanban, in Lean Construction or in the Last Planner System it is forbidden for another team member to cape this note on the wall or to touch it at all. It would be feasible in an unobserved moment.

If I transfer this manual approach to a digital approach, it will be more elegant and effective. It only needs to be made by the software developer. In Lean4Team it is implemented simply and consistently.

Basically, a card has no owner (card left). Everyone can change or postpone this card. But as soon as a concrete person (blue) takes over a card (card in the middle), then no one else can change, move or delete the card contents. The owner can then give another person (red) the same rights (card right) or the person the card completely handed over.

Exception: The project leader (board administrator) can also move or change the card. He can do so in representation if it is so agreed. As soon as the project manager becomes active, this is recorded in the history of the card. Should the team member be replaced, the project leader must also have the chance to assign the card to another person.

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