3DASBUILTSpanish, EnglishAaron Piedra DiazBIM, Kanban, Lean Construction, Last PlannerCosta
Agustin UliarteSpanish, GermanAgustin UliarteKanban, Lean Construction, Last
AutodeskGermanPaul FedrauAutodesk BIM
AutodeskGermanGilbert MühlemannAutodesk BIM
BIMEXPERTS d.o.o. GermanMichael ReschBIM, Kanban, Lean Construction, Last Planner, Autodesk BIM
BIM Facility AGGermanMatthias WasemBIM, Kanban, Lean Construction, Last Planner, Autodesk BIM
BROKSCH INGENIEUREGermanMario BrokschBIM, Kanban, Lean Construction, Last
Georg SczigarovRussian, CzechGeorg SzigarowKanban, Lean Construction, Last PlannerCzech
L2 GmbHGermanRobert LandfriedBIM, Kanban, Lean Construction, Last Planner, Autodesk BIM
Lean IngenieureGerman, English, FrenchTobias GullerLean Construction, Last
Planing SASSpanish, EnglishJair Aguado Q.Kanban, Lean Construction, Last
Rodrigo Ortega A. Indipendent ConsultantSpanish, EnglischRodrigo Ortega A. Kanban, Lean Construction, Last PlannerChile, Peru
S.K.M. Informatik GmbHGermanAndreas SchröderBIM, Plant, Kanban, Lean Construction, Last
SWE-ENGINEERINGGermanStephan WojcikKanban, Lean Construction, Last

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