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After your order, we will get in touch and ask for more details. You will then receive an invoice from us. Once you have paid the invoice, we will unlock the access and set up your administrators, database or Azure server.

In countries where we have no authorized resellers, we answer your inquiries directly.

Contract contents Lean4Team rental model

The Lean4Team Server and the Lean4Team Clients are free.
Updates and upgrades are included in the rental price.
Start of lease / contract date is the 1st day of the month after the order.
The rental period is 1 year.
The contract is extended automatically if it is not canceled 3 months before expiration.
Billing is monthly / quarterly / half / annually in advance.
Up to 5 licenses are invoiced annually.
The number of licenses can be increased at any time.
The calculation is proportional to the contract date.

Please note: We only answer enquiries that you have sent to us with your company email address. We do not answer requests via e.g. Gmail or similar.

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