Questions and Answers

Why are the Internet pages in English?
Lean4Team is a European cooperation project. The official language in the EU is English. Our internal communication is also conducted in English. English is also the basis of software development. Our articles in the blog are currently written in German and in English.

Do we have brochures?
We do not have any brochures. Since 2015, Lean4Team has been continuously evolving. Depending on the effort, there will be an update within two to four weeks. The brochures would always be outdated. We have decided to continuously expand our homepage as a source of information for our sales partners and users.

Do we carry out presentations?
You can request an online presentation from us at any time as a beginner. We have experienced that most of our customers have a presentation for a quick start. We also carry out these online presentations for our sales partners.

In which languages is Lean4Team currently available?
Lean4Team is available in English, German, Russian and Czech (more on request!). The majority of our client’s international projects are conducted in English. Before you start a project, it should agree on a language in which the data is entered. The language of the user interface is arbitrarily interchangeable. But the contents are not.

Is there a user manual for Lean4Team?
Currently there is only one old version. Our customers do not ask for a manual with us. Lean4Team learns best in which to use it. Each icon has an explanatory tooltip in the local language. In addition, the symbolism used is self-explanatory. The effort would be too great for me as a customer if every project participant had to complete an extensive training course. It is sufficient for the project leader (= board administrator) to assign the new team members.

Why are our three central objects called Board, Lane and Card?
We have imagined that you are working in international teams. If you then discuss with your team members and use each of these central objects in their national language or with an individual English translation, then it is not particularly helpful and leads to misunderstandings. That’s why it’s called Board, Lane or Card.

What information is there about processes, workflows and templates?
Each customer has his or her own ideas on how to design processes, workflows and templates. This is the actual art of dealing with Lean4Team. It is difficult to describe individual design and the appropriate approach in manuals. As an example, we have prepared the BIM Planner System (BPS) ourselves. We are happy to provide the templates. Anyone can take these templates as samples and modify them for their own needs.

Is the installation of the Lean4Team client complex?
The installation of the Lean4Team client is done quickly. If you have external team members, you can recommend the download from the Microsoft Store. This will not inadvertently become a software supplier. The Lean4Team client is free of charge. You, as a project-leading company, rent with us floating concurrent licenses.

What are the pre-requisites for installing the Lean4Team Server?
The installation of the Lean4Team server is done quickly, lasting about 10 minutes. As a basis, you need a Windows system in your own data center or in your own cloud. (Our servers run under Microsoft Azure.) In addition, you need a Microsoft SQL Server. It can also be the free version. Each customer will receive a quick installation guide.

How are updates performed?
All updates are FREE! The updates are also done quickly. Only the Lean4Team server gets an update. All clients are automatically updated by the server the next time the client starts. Faster, easier and less expensive.

What are the known issues with the first installation of the Lean4Team Client?
Lean4Team is a client-server solution. The client communicates with the server bidirektional. Your PC must allow the connection. If it does not work, please contact your IT specialist. When we placed the first version in the Microsoft Store, Microsoft reviewed this communication especially under harsh security conditions. Only when an app passes this security check will it be allowed on the Microsoft Store.

Why are we not supporting smartphones yet?
Lean4Team is a graphical project management. To get a graphical overview of a project, you need a larger area. Currently, Lean4Team has two different graphical user interfaces. The surface can only be minimized. A smartphone is too small. For a smartphone, we will develop its own user interface. Overall, this must harmonize sensibly with the board and its processes. This app must also support other operating systems than Windows and be available on smaller tablets.

(This list is continuously expanded by us.)

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