Use Lean Construction and Last Planner® digital to manage your construction work consistently

All planning offices and project management companies use AVA software to tender, assigning and invoicing construction services. Without software it is no more! Many AVA software products already incorporate BIM models and use the model data as a basis to create and prepare the construction work and order packages. Those who do not yet use BIM will work with digital data at the latest after the preparation of the invitation to tender.

The assignment is done. Construction can begin. You are already working with the Last Planner® system or want to start your first project with it. You meet for collaborative planning. Everyone then writes their services manually to a sticky note. The methodology is very good, but the implementation is…

At this stage at the latest, you should be thoughtful and ask yourself whether you really want to switch from a digital way of working to a manual way of working. At the latest when you work with BIM, you want to work completely digitally. Your client expects that the BIM model with the relevant information will be up-to-date after the construction phase has been completed. The path from the BIM model to the AVA software and the processing of the services on the construction site is not a one-way street. The way back becomes a duty.

Currently, there are two ways to work consistently digitally:

The digital semi-automatic way
You have created the orders for a construction project. Depending on the project, you create an Excel CSV file from the AVA software that contains services or service packages. These are read in a Lean4Team board as cards (tasks) and begin processing. You can read the processed cards back into an Excel CSV file and import them into your AVA software.

The digital elegant way
Your Ava software and Lean4Team both use a database in the background. In general, it is the MS SQL Server. The services/tasks can be moved much more elegantly and automated in both directions. Lean4Team has an open and flexible module for this. There is a whole range of high-quality AVA software products on the market. Developers must only be prepared to cooperate. A customer’s desire can motivate. What works semi-automatically can also be done automated.

If you have previously used lean construction and the Last Planner® to have already considered, this digital way will motivate you and convince you to apply the methodologies and begin. Our partners will be happy to help you.

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