We actively support your long-term projects!

We are always asked about Lean4Team long-term projects and references. Lean4Team has been continuously developing for almost four years. There have been more than 50 updates in the four years. Our first-hour customers did not have the functionalities we can offer you today. All our customers have set up their own Lean4Team server. Except for occasional support requests, we have never had the pleasure of being able to accompany the projects to our customers intensively over a long period of time. When the entry into Lean4Team is made, everyone takes the opportunity to develop their surroundings independently and individually. Lean4Team has a project documentation that is very efficient for all project participants (= insiders). However, it must be anonymized retrospectively for external presentations. This is complex and not relevant to the project. No Lean4Team customer makes this effort.

We and our future customers would like to learn about your Lean4Team projects, your entry and your continuous development. This only works if we reach an agreement in the first place. We have considered the following package:

10x Lean4Team Floating Concurrent Reference Licence

  • The number of licenses is enough to actively organize a large project in planning and execution.
  • The lease runs for 5 years and the payment is made once at the beginning.
  • The costs include all updates during this period.
  • You will receive Premium Online Support over 5 years.
  • We write and publish reference articles (your release is required) about your company and your projects.
  • Lean4Team is currently available in four languages. If you want to use Lean4Team in more languages, we’ll add the language.
  • If you come from the German-speaking world, we would like to place you at the next GLCI conference in Frankfurt with a lecture. Until November, we will make you a Lean4Team professional!

Flat rate: Price on request *)

*) Why don’t we make the prize public? The offer is aimed at beginners, customers and sales partners. We want to give everyone the chance to take advantage of our package of offers. Sales partners are involved in the Lean4Team rental income and our customers already have Lean4Team in use in different quantities. We must take this into account in our flat rate.

Limiting our offer

Our offer is valid for a maximum of 10 companies.

We look forward to hearing from sales@lean4team.eu. We will then send you a suitable offer and our current standard price list for comparison.


Your Lean4Team team

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